Industry Updates

    Area offices 12
    Wholesale Centers 93
    Farmer's Service Centers 7
    Godowns/Warehouses 89
    Storage Capacity 42335 MT
    PDS Shops(Shimla) 8
    Bottling Plant 1
    Petrol Pumps 4
    Sanctioned Strength 252
    Existing Staff Strength 163
  • Himfed plans to extend its business base in the state and in near future it would not only diversify its activities but also penetrate deeper into the rural set up
  • In addition to the existing Petrol Pumps Himfed intends to set up the forth one in Theog.

Our Vision

Info about our(MD)Message from our MDMr.Kalyan Chand Chaman ,HAS
Batch and ID Number : 1997
Date of Birth:- 02-03-1963
Place of Birth :-District SHIMLA
Educational Qualification:-M.Sc. (Hons.) M.Phil
Date of Appointment:6-10-1997
Current Designation:-Managing Director
, Himfed, Himachal Pradesh, Shimla.
Date of Posting:09-09-2013
                           Info about Our ChairmanChairman InfoMr. Ajay Bahadur Singh
EX_MLA,Rajnor Palace
Nahan ,Distt. Sirmour
Current Position:Chairman Himfed
Himachal Pradesh, Shimla.
Date of Posting:20-07-2013

New Initiatives

In order to counter the increasing labour problem in the state. It has become important to incorporate modern farming tools and machineries. Himfed has therefore introduced Texas power Tillers, grass and crop cutters, VST Tillers, mini tractors and many other modern farming machineries in the state. Himfed has also signed a MOU with IOC to supply Tree spray oil to the farmers at their doorsteps.

Main objectives of Our federation

(i) To arrange for the sale of agriculture produce of the members or that purchased by the federation, to the best advantage;
(ii) To advance loans to members on the security of their produce, raw or processed
(iii) To rent or own godowns and processing yards to facilitate storage,processing and sale of goods
(iv) To process raw material belonging to the members or purchased by the federation
(v) To arrange for the grading and packing of agricultural produce of the members or purchased by the federation; (vi) To supply to members,through their local societies or otherwise manure, seeds and implements etc. required for their farm business; and essential domestic requirements
(vii) To act as agent of Co-operative societies for recovery of production loans given by them to their members;
(viii) To arrange for transport services;
(ix) To encourage thrift, self help and co-operation among its members;
(x) To act as agent of Government for the procurement and distribution of agricultural produce and other essential commodities;
(xi) To undertake all other activities calculated to further the objects mentioned above and in the interest of members;
(xii) To promote the establishment of industries;
(xiii) To purchase raw materials, tools and appliances connected with the industries and for supply to its members;
(xiv) To arrange procurement and distribution of consumers goods to its members and through them or direct to public;
(xv) To undertake the wholesale and retail business of all types of liquor
(xvi) To undertake the purchase/sale and leasing of tools and machinery of all kinds to Government and other agencies;
(xvii) To promote and establish tourism and hotels under tourism industry.


Membership of Himfed is open to all  the cooperative societies of the Himachal Pradesh Government of Himachal Pradesh and NCDC.


The area of operation of the Federations whole of India ,but its membership is restricted to Himachal Pradesh only.


The authorized share capital is Rs.15.00 Crores and paid up share capital is Rs.6.00 Crores.



Our Business Associates