Industry Updates

    Area offices 11
    Wholesale Centers 83
    Farmer's Service Centers 7
    Godowns/Warehouses 79
    Storage Capacity 41359 MT
    PDS Shops(Shimla) 5
    Bottling Plant 1
    Petrol Pumps 6
    Sanctioned Strength 248
    Existing Staff Strength 130
  • Himfed has been regularly supplying essential commodities during COvid-19. Himfed sold Fertilizers worth Rs. 5.5 Crores (approx.), Agricultural/Horticultural Tools/ Machinery worth Rs. 2.3 Crores and Petrol/Diesel worth Rs. 10.74 Crores during Covid-19 lockdown.
  • To harness the potential of godowns optimally and to derive economic benefits, Cold Chain Stores based on the infrastructural requirement and potential of the area for commodities like Apples ,Stone fruits viz. Plums, Apricots , Cherry, Mangos, Citrus Fruits, Potatoes , Tomatoes , Ginger, Green Peas etc. of the Growers/Farmers have been proposed to be setup.
  • CA stores can be established with the financial assistance of NCDC, New Delhi which also offers subsidy upto 50% for cold chain stores and allied activities.
  • Himfed plans to extend its business base in the state and in near future it would not only diversify its activities but also penetrate deeper into the rural set up
  • In addition to the existing Petrol Pumps Himfed intends to set up two other pumps in Kala Amb (Sirmaur) and Garamora (Bilspur).

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  • The Government has entrusted the work of whole sale fertilizer procurement and distribution to the HIMFED as a State Institutional Agency and has been acting as Nodal Agency since 1981.
  • 1. HIMFED as wholeseller.
    2. Primary Agricultural Cooperative Societies and Private Depot Holders in the State being suppliers are ensuring timely fertilizer supplies across the State. The State Govt. has also appointed Private dealers for undertaking the retail sale of fertilizers in those areas where Cooperative Societies do not exist. The State Govt. has allowed IFFCO for direct sale of NPK 12:32:16 and Urea 46% fertilizers to the extent of 40% of total fertilizers distribution in the State since 2002 which has adversely affected the interest of the Himfed.
  • Presently HIMFED is supplying fertilizer to 2625 PACS and 871 Pvt. Depot holders.
  • The IFFCO is making direct supply of fertilizer to 1032 of its member societies and 4 retail outlets. These societies adopted by the IFFCO are financially sound, easily approachable and are nearer to rail head rake point, and the HIMFED is left with those Societies and Pvt. Depot Holders whose area of operation generally fall in remote and interior regions of the State where overhead cost is substantial.
  • The HIMFED supplies fertilizers viz. Urea 46% , NPK 12:32:16 & 15:15:15, MOP, SSP, DAP , Ammonium Sulphate and Calcium Nitrate etc.
  • The HIMFED has established 11 Area offices and 83 wholesale / Retail Centres for sale and distribution of fertilizers and following other products/activities :-
  • STIHL Power Tiller, Grass Cutter, Wood Cutter, Power Sprayer and Crop Cutter etc
  • Retail dealership of Steel Authority of India Ltd.(SAIL) in most of the Districts in Himachal Pradesh for supply of steel to the Govt. Departments on FOR basis.
  • Organic Manures, Bio Fertilizers, Horticultural/ Agricultural Tools, Implements, Machines, etc
  • Retail sale of Indian Oil Corporation products, Tree Spray Oil etc
  • Supply of Tools, Equipments and Consumable items to Farmers.
  • Warehousing by providing storage space to other Govt. departments/ organizations.
  • Sale of Apple Cartons and Trays.
  • 6 Petrol Stations at Shimla, Theog , Sarahan (Sirmour) , Padhar (Mandi) , Dobhi (Kullu) and Chowari (Chamba) with a gross annual turnover of nearly Rs. 45 Crores
  • Nodal Agency for construction & operation of food grain storage godowns for Food Corp. Of India under Pvt. Entrepreneur Guarantee Scheme.

    New Business Proposals

    • Setting up of the CA Stores in the Districts for the storage of farm produce.
    • Providing the Horticulture Tools & Machinery and Anti Hail Nets through Himfed to the Farmers of the State on subsidy being provided by the Horticulture Department.
    • Establishment of additional Petrol /Diesel stations at viable locations and C&F of lubricants for entire State.
    • Dealership of Bitumen from the Govt. owned Petroleum companies for supply to the Govt. Departments/ Projects etc.
    • Subsidized distribution business of insecticide and pesticides carried out by the Horticultures/Agriculture Departments of Himachal Pradesh.
    • Sale of Horticultural/Agricultural implements.
    • Dealing in supply of SAIL TMT Steel/ GP & GC Sheets.
    • LPG Agencies.
    • Setting up of Medicines Retail Shops in the premises of AIIMS at Bilaspur and State Hospitals on the pattern of H.P. State Civil Supply Corporation Ltd.
    • Supply of Stationery items, etc.
    • Establishment of new Petrol Pump (IOC) at Shanan Malyana Shimla.
    • Establishment of new Petrol Pump (BPCL) at Sultanpur Chamba, Nerwa Shimla.
    • Establishment of new Petrol Pump (HPCL) at Bhamla Mandi.
    • To use the Chari Premises of Nagrota Bagwan for functions like marriages etc
    • Sale of falco products through M/s Concord Agro Sprayers Pvt. Ltd.